Best Exercises to Build a V Shape Torso

The V-shaped torso is commonly found by women to be the most attractive feature on a man's body. To achieve this look, you must put on lean muscle mass in your chest, back, and shoulders while losing fat in your abdominal region. Let's take a look at the best chest exercises and get you started today!

V Shaped Torso

Step Away from the Machines...

First off, I want to stress the importance of using free weights and bodyweight exercises over the machines that crowd most gyms these days. These machines only teach you poor form and don't allow you to get as efficient of a workout and therefore should be banished from your routine.

Any movement that consists of extending your arms away from your body, like pushing and pressing, is going to work your chest. This is an important concept to remember as you look for the best chest exercise.

The Classics - Bench Press and Push Up

The bench press is the "gold standard" of weight lifting chest exercises and one that most guys already have in their repertoire. Here, you lie down on a bench with a barbell racked overhead. After unracking the bar, you slowly bring it down to your chest and push it back up again to complete one rep.

You should not train to failure, but rather to fatigue. If you leave "a rep in the bank," you will avoid injury while more efficiently building strength. Nevertheless, you should always have someone spot you when bench pressing to help you get the bar back up should you fail. You could use dumbells to avoid this, which is another great chest exercise.

The push up is the king of bodyweight chest exercises. If you went to a school that had physical education classes, you have doubtless already done thousands of these! But let's review. Start out with your feet together, hands on the floor at shoulder height, with your body straight as an arrow. Slowly lower yourself down until your nose almost touches the floor and push yourself back up to complete one rep. Again, go until you are fatigued.

How to Train Efficiently

If you are doing bench presses, it is best to do a 5x5 program, meaning five sets of five reps. Make sure you use a weight such that you can maintain perfect form for all sets so you don't injure yourself.

For push ups, do three sets of slow reps to fatigue while still maintaining your form each workout.

If you do either bench presses or push ups once or twice a week for three sets, you will have a barrel chest to accentuate your V-shaped torso before you know it!

V Shape


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